Peril/us/ - Manual

Welcome to Peril/us/, an anonymous message board dedicated to Anon E.


  1. Illegal content is not allowed
  2. Spam is plain annoying*

Technical Terms

Title | The title of a thread.

Content/Text | The text/comments of a thread.

Username | Random username, changes over time.

ID | Random ID, stays the same.

Reply To: | Content/Text can be set to speak to everyone or a specific person, though all text/content is public. This is more akin to dialogue tags than a messaging system.

OP | A faggot**


4/21/2068 - Software has reached version 1.0.0. No longer invite-only.

2/9/2068 - Servers are back up. Feds raided our servers because somebody had CP on our shared hosting.

12/25/2067 - Merry Christmas!

8/19/2067 - Domain was temporarily seized thanks to someone... *cough Anon E.*

5/13/2067 - All user data is now trashed to avoid Glitch City Data Tax.

*What constitutes as spam depends on how grumpy mods are feeling at any particular time.

**Unless they are admins, because admins are fluffy and loveable creatures.

The Development Log (for nerds):

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Image Credit

[jill.gif] Created by Einsbern, a talented artist. You can check out their Tumblr and Twitter (@_einzbern).

[shimmer.gif] An animation by a mysterious Deviantart user 'Aim4Beauty', who seems to have disappeared off the face of the Internet.

[lightpollution.gif] A tiny excerpt of a promotional video for SKYGLOW, an amazing timelapse and astrophotography video series created by Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic to put a spotlight on light pollution and its psychological impact and the large amount of light being wasted in the atmosphere.

[rain.jpg] Robert Kuang is Chinese artist/epic gamer who goes by SeerLight on his Deviantart.